About Creations for Learning

    Under support from the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Education, we carry out research on teacher and student creativty and intergenerational collaboration and on cyberplatforms for learning that may bring radically transformed experiences in mathematics and science education. This research is carried out by Pepperdine University in collaboration with partners in Los Angeles, Uganda and Kenya.

Project team:

  • Eric Hamilton
  • Boulder Language Technologies
  • Kelly Castaneda
  • Israel Ramirez
  • George Foe-Aman
  • Lynette Foe-Aman
  • Hiroo Kato
  • Kaitlyn Ryan
  • Moses Okumu

  • Advisory Board:

  • Margaret Honey, NY Hall of Science
  • Keith Sawyer, Washington Univ.
  • Richard Lesh, Indiana Univ.
  • Anthony Kelly, Geo. Mason U.
  • Catherine Lewis, Mills College

  • Papers and whatnot:

  • Toward a Theory of Personalized Learning Communities
  • Proposal funded to support the pilot and first phases of this project
    ALASKA Project
  • Proposal funded to support the teachers' portion of this project "PREDICATE Project:
    Targeted Research on Teacher Creativity at the Intersection of Content, Student Cognition and Digital Media"
  • Proposal funded to support the student participation portion of this project:
    Student Mathematics Learning Through Self-Explanation, Peer Tutoring and Digital Media Production"
  • CSCL 2011 Workshop Proposal
  • The "Miriam Scenario"
  • "Tablet Computing, Creativity and Teachers as Applied Microgenetic Analysts: A Paradigm Shift in Math Teacher Professional Development"